Development Effectiveness Report 2016

The Development Effectiveness Report is an annual analysis of the performance, effectiveness, and impact of the projects and activities of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). This 2016 edition once again reports on the development impacts of the projects that the MIF has tested and scaled up throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2014 was the first year that the MIF reported these results, this year’s report relies on three years of gathered data to compare results and identify trends and changes. This report also features a retrospective view of MIF II accomplishments from 2007 through 2015, and gives highlights of the MIF portfolio in execution of 418 projects and of its investment and loan portfolio. The report concludes with stories of 10 ongoing projects that fit into the MIF’s three new focus areas and that have begun to show results.

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  1. A: Selected Financial Data

  2. B: Social Entrepreneurship Program

  3. C: The MIF Productivity Fund 2015 Activity Report

    1. C.1 Approvals by Category

  4. D: Projects Approved

  5. E: Investment Portfolio Status

    1. Investment Portfolio Total December 2015

    2. Equity Investment Portfolio December 2015 (confidential)

    3. Loan Portfolio December 2015 (confidential)

    4. Investment Portfolio Flag Summary December 2015

    5. Investment Portfolio Total June 2016

    6. Equity Investment Portfolio June 2016 (confidential)

    7. Loan Portfolio June 2016 (confidential)

    8. Investment Portfolio Flag Summary June 2016

    9. Yellow and Red Flags June 2016 (confidential)

  6. F: Technical Assistance Portfolio in Red- and Yellow-Flag Status

  7. G: MIF Theory of Change

  8. H: Events and Knowledge Products

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