The Development Effectiveness Report is an annual analysis of the work of the Multilateral Investment Fund. This 2014 edition, for the first time, uses the Corporate Results Framework, a new tool for reporting the results, specific impacts, and broader “systemic” impacts of our projects and activities. The report analyzes the findings of our impact evaluations and thematic reports and highlights promising approaches to development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also described are two innovations that aim to improve the design of our projects and to share development solutions with our partners.

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Annex 1: Supplemental Operational Figures

1a Amounts Disbursed
1b Performance of Active and Completed Projects
1c Resources Leveraged

Annex 2: Full Corporate Results Framework

2a Section 1: Portfolio Results and Impacts
2b Section 2: Strategic Portfolio Management
2c Section 3: Operational Effectiveness and Performance
2d Section 4: Regional Relevance

Annex 3: Quality for Effectiveness in Development (QED) Results 2013

Annex 4: Projects Approved in 2013

Annex 5: Projects Completed in 2013

Annex 6: Supplemental Information on the 2013 Financial Portfolio

6a Outstanding Financial Portfolio Summary
6b Financial Closings and Exits in 2013 (Not publicly available)

Annex 7: Technical Assistance Portfolio in Red- and Yellow-Flag Status as of December 31, 2013

7a Technical Assistance Projects in Red- and Yellow-Flag Status as of December 31, 2013
7b Issues Affecting Performance of Active Red- and Yellow-Flag Technical Assistance Projects

Annex 8: Sharing Knowledge

8a Knowledge Transfer Program Projects 2009 through 2014
8b Events January 2013 through June 2014
8c Other Reports and Publications January 2013 through June 2014