The challenge of international development requires a medley of ideas. At the Multilateral Investment Fund, we work in an array of topics that are at the forefront of efforts to spur the economic development of the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each week, this blog "Trends" brings you our latest research and thinking. 

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The digital meteor and the future of jobs, income, and assets: Ninjas, Ojihas, and Modilals

By César Buenadicha

65 million years ago, a dinosaur was eating peacefully—as many generations of dinosaurs had done before—when it noticed a ball of fire in the sky moving toward the Earth. The dinosaur was a bit worried, but as a member of the most successful and longest lasting species of animals back in those times, it didn't think the meteor was a threat to its existence. Meanwhile, a small rat-like animal, one of the first mammals on Earth, ran close to the dinosaur, eating some of its leftovers.

Shortening distances in economic development: the poor as a digital crowd

By César Buenadicha

Photo by Matt Phipps

How many clicks separate economic development practitioners in Washington, D.C., from the beneficiaries of their projects in other parts of the world? Probably a few clicks (according to 
the theory of six degrees of separation).

A new funding source for social innovation: The ‘crowd’

By César Buenadicha

In the journey from a revolutionary idea, to a start-up business, to an expanding business, it’s difficult for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises to access the finance they need through the traditional channels of private capital markets. A new way to address this gap is crowdfunding—an innovative tool that enables entrepreneurs or enterprises in the early stages of the business development cycle to tap the financial resources of the online community.