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Seven tips for successful money transfer partnerships

By Rebecca Rouse

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Success in the money transfer space depends on successful partnerships, due to the multiple actors involved in moving money from one country to another. At this year’s Foromic, which took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador from November 4-6, executives from three major money transmitters sat down with banks and client behavior experts to discuss the ingredients for a healthy remittances ecosystem.  Panelists Diego Balanovsky (Banco Familiar), Juan Carlos Blanco (Western Union), Paul Dwyer (Viamericas), Barbara Magnoni (EA Consultants), and Gene Nigro (Xoom) shared these seven tips for creating successful partnerships.

Foromic 2014: Closing remarks

By Nancy Lee, General Manager



During the closing ceremony for the 2014 Foromic in Guayaquil, Ecuador, MIF General Manager Nancy Lee reviewed highlights from the conference and shared her top ten takeaways from the panels and other events. Topics discussed included advances in digital financial services, crowdfunding platforms, and savings products.

Durante la ceremonia de cierre del Foromic en Guayaquil, Ecuador, Nancy Lee, Gerenta General del FOMIN revisó los aspectos destacados de la conferencia y compartió su "top 10"  de los aspectos destacados en los paneles y otros eventos. Los temas incluyen avances en las finanzas digitales, plataformas de financiamiento colectivo y productos de ahorro.


How the embedded education model can improve performance of loan officers

By Guest

By María Jaramillo, Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) and Andrea Stiles, AVAL Consulting


Eduardo, a loan officer for Banco Solidario in Ecuador, has difficulty talking to potential clients about the microinsurance products that insurance companies offer to bank clients through the loan process. He is brief in his explanations as he fears clients could ask questions he would not know how to answer.

The importance of a client-based approach to designing products for remittance recipients in Paraguay

By Rebecca Rouse

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When Paraguayan bank Banco Familiar (“Family Bank”) set out to design a savings product for its remittance clients in 2012, it did not expect that they would use the accounts to accumulate savings. In that year, the bank was handling nearly 54,000 remittance payments each month through its network of branch offices, and imagined the clients would use the new accounts to receive and then quickly spend their remittances. 

Financial inclusion in Paraguay: New mobile money regulation

By Guest


The MIF supports inclusive mobile financial services via the mobile operators Tigo and Personal. In the context of these two projects we are sharing here the blog by our partner Mireya Almazan at GSMA about the developments in mobile money regulation in sobre Paraguay. 

The opportunity to increase financial access in Paraguay is massive. Paraguay has one of the lowest rates of banking penetration in Latin America: only 22% of adults in Paraguay have an account at a formal financial institution, on par with banking penetration rates in Haiti and Guatemala. Fortunately, policymakers and regulators in Paraguay are committed to the dual goals of financial stability and inclusion, and are taking important steps to realize the opportunity.