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Four countries where spotting birds is protecting biodiversity and increasing incomes


Nestled among towering volcanoes, Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan is often described as one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Four of the Central American region’s seven biomes meet in the Atitlan region, making it a biodiversity hotspot and a natural “gas station” for migrating birds. But here, as elsewhere in the developing world, a lack of economic opportunities often drives local residents toward activities that devalue local ecosystems for biodiversity and for the people who rely on them for resources. 

Can supply chains gain competitive advantages by becoming more climate resilient?


Blog by Maribel Hernandez, Senior Consultant at Acclimatise, and Svante Persson, Coordinator, PROADAPT/IDB

How can businesses, large and small, make their supply chains more climate resilient and simultaneously become more profitable? Almost any supply chain, but particularly those that are dependent on natural resources, will experience the impacts of a changing climate in all its parts. A recent study by Acclimatise for the IDB’s PROADAPT program, shows that assessing climate change risks and their effects helps businesses better understand their supply chains and strengthen their resilience, and in that process, give them a competitive advantage in the market.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

By Elena Heredero Rodriguez

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question that adults everywhere ask young people. In fact, at the elementary school where my nine- and seven-year-old children attend, all of the children are asked that same question and their responses are published in the school yearbook. The answers are amusing and range from spy to veterinarian to president. While my son is currently deciding between three professions: chef, college professor of Economics, and teacher, my daughter hasn’t made up her mind yet. 

La Regional: Una oportunidad para los Montes de Maria, Colombia

By Martha Lucía Muñoz

El pasado 22 de junio en Carmen de Bolivar, un municipio del departamento de Bolivar, Colombia se llevó a cabo la inauguración del Centro Integral de gestión de Desarrollo de los Montes de Maria, La Regional,  hito de una importancia trascendental para el proyecto “Recuperación del Desarrollo Económico del Salado”, ejecutado por Fundación Semana con el objetivo de construir de un modelo de desarrollo económico local que permita la consolidación de la reactivación económica y social de poblaciones víctimas de la violencia armada o en situación de pobreza extrema.

La educación en Recife se pone unas dosis de innovación

By Elena Heredero Rodriguez

El 22 de junio la División de Educación del BID lanzó un twitter chat sobre ¿Cómo innovar de manera sostenida en el sistema educativo en #LatAm? Con @BIDEducación@Summa_Edu, y expertos #LatamEd, y justo coincidió que estuve en Recife, capital de Pernambuco, Brasil, donde pude conocer una serie de iniciativas innovadoras en la educación media y técnica. Voy a hablar de 2 iniciativas: Escuela Técnica Cícero Dias, Pernambucoders, y cerraré con NEO Brasil, la razón de mi visita.