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Midsummer at the MIF: An update on our progress

By Brigit Helms

I recently marked 6 months as general manager of the MIF. Since I last updated you on our work, still more has happened, so it seems like a good time to share some of the latest developments with you.

Looking for a better quality of life for 100 million in the next decade

By David Bloomgarden

One of the MIF new focus areas is grouped under the concept of “Inclusive Cities”. David Bloomgarden, head of this new unit explains that “this is a program to support innovation in the private sector in cities across Latin America and the Caribbean.  The program focuses on urban services and climate change adaptation and mitigation through the private sector, particularly SMEs and social enterprises.  Our principal beneficiaries are vulnerable and low-income populations.  Our overall goal is for 100 million more people to have a better quality of urban life over the next decade.”