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Asociaciones público-privadas para mitigar la inequidad en la salud urbana

By Miguel Angel Almeyda

Hace años una familiar fue internada de gravedad en un hospital y se me invitó a donar sangre. Hice una larguísima fila de pie, en un edificio decrépito, acompañado de infinidad de donantes perdiendo incontables horas hábiles con tal de apoyar a sus seres queridos. Tras 6 horas de espera, para mi gran frustración, me informaron que yo no era apto para donar.

COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco

By Steve Wilson

The UNFCCC’s COP22 will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from 7-18 November 2016, the focus of which is to bring action to last year’s historic Paris Agreement and have countries ratify their agreements by identifying INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) and NAPs (National Adaptation Plans).  While this official process will be discussed inside the official UN Blue Zone, numerous simultaneous side events are taking place outside, organized by UN agencies, multilateral development organizations, civil society and ONGs, research institutions, think-tanks, and other stakeholders, offering discussions on topics that range from energy efficiency and green infrastructure, building bridges between market-based approaches and climate financing institutions, de-carbonizing transport, Water-Energy-Food (WEF) frameworks, among many others.  See more at

“Trancón, Embotellamiento, Atolladero, Trancadera”: Para el mismo mal varios nombres y para un gran problema pequeñas soluciones

By Claudia Gutierrez

Le podemos poner diferentes nombres pero todos lo sentimos y vivimos igual, la congestión vehicular es uno de los problemas más duros y visibles de nuestras ciudades. El crecimiento poblacional que ha tenido América Latina en los últimos años es sorprendente: hoy somos 625 millones de personas y el 80% vive en ciudades. Lastimosamente nuestras ciudades han crecido sin ninguna planificación y el modelo de desarrollo urbano que ha primado se conoce como 3D (distante, disperso y desconectado). Las ciudades han crecido hacia sus periferias alejadas del centro y desconectadas entre ellas, trayendo grandes problemas

MIF in a Sandpit

By David Bloomgarden

When you’re working in a “Sandpit” at the MIF, you won’t find a sandbox meant for kids. Instead, when we refer to a  Sandpit, we are talking about an intensive, interactive and interdisciplinary workshop designed to generate radically innovative solutions to specific challenges.

First Steps in the Transformation of Chacarita Alta

By Ignacio Fernandez Admetlla

Right in the center of ​​Asuncion, Paraguay is the neighborhood of Chacarita Alta, an informal settlement formed more than 60 years ago as a result of migration to the city that occupied the northern flood zones of the Bay of Asuncion. Chacarita Alta is in a privileged location, located in the historical center of Asuncion, within walking distance of landmarks such as the Parliament, the Government Palace, the Cathedral, and the Asuncion Waterfront; additionally, it is not at risk of flooding. However, today Chacarita Alta is a neighborhood made up of dead-end streets and a complex web of passageways that impede both communication with the rest of the city and the socioeconomic development of the neighborhood.