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Beyond Microfinance. Integrated Services for a better quality of life

By David Bloomgarden

By Celia Bedoya, MIF Specialist
On Monday, one of the specialized sessions before the Foromic organized jointly by Freedom for Hunger and the MIF Basic Services Area, presented different experiences of MFIs and other entities on how to offer integrated services to their clients, focus on education and health services, and products to increase access to basic services as water and sanitation and energy.

Women entrepreneurs “making it work” in the Caribbean

By Georg Neumann

This year’s Foromic couldn’t have started in a more glamorous way: two successful women entrepreneurs from the Caribbean, Magalie Dresse and Anya Ayoung Chee, lightened up the over 1,000 participants crowded in the conference plenary hall by sharing their experiences in starting and sustaining businesses.