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¿Por qué no hay más mujeres empresarias exitosas en América Latina?

By Susana Garcia-Robles

Algunas barreras son más fáciles de ver que otras.  Los obstáculos que las mujeres enfrentan son evidentes cuando se comparan distintas culturas y partes del mundo – leyes por las cuales las mujeres no pueden conducir o ser propietarias, regulaciones que no las dejan participar o ser miembros de determinadas entidades – mientras que otras son más sutiles. No existen reglas que prevengan a las mujeres en América Latina, comenzar su propio negocio.  En realidad, con compañías medianas a grandes muchas veces reacias a contratar a mujeres calificadas por una serie de razones pobremente sustentadas, los pequeños negocios parecerían ser la plataforma de lanzamiento para las másemprendedoras entre nosotras.

Entonces, ¿porque no hay más mujeres empresarias exitosas?


Sharing hard-won lessons about venture capital in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Susana Garcia-Robles

Over the years, the MIF has invested in 78 funds in Latin America and the Caribbean, and today we have an active portfolio of 52 funds, which includes both operational funds and newly approved ones that are undertaking fundraising. This experience has provided the MIF with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by first-time fund managers in the seed and VC space face, and by investors and entrepreneurs as well. In our new publication “Best Practices in Creating a Venture Capital System,” Harvard Prof. Josh Lerner, Ann Leamon from Bella Research, and myself, the MIF’s Principal Investment Officer in Early Stage Equity, discuss key topics around this nascent industry in Latin America.

A lack of angel investors and the loneliness of the entrepreneur, key issues on Latin America’s VC ecosystem

By Susana Garcia-Robles

A lack of angel investors is one of the key issues in Latin America today, because entrepreneurs are not going to be successful if they don’t have the initial financial and value-add support they need to convert their ideas into start-ups. It is very important for a country to have angel investors willing to take on risk, to know how much they can allocate –and be willing to lose—in these start-ups every year. Angel networks in Latin America have had difficulty becoming really active for several reasons.

The faces and stories behind Haitian SMEs

By Susana Garcia-Robles

While many of my MIF colleagues have already been to Haiti, this was my first visit to the country. Winsome Leslie and I were there to visit potential investments of the Leopard Haiti Fund, a recently approved MIF VC/PE fund. Little did I know I was about to experience something much more meaningful at a professional and personal level than just an average due diligence mission…