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Unlocking capital to solve social problems: rethinking innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact

By Susana Garcia-Robles

For years, Latin America and the Caribbean has been looking for the right innovation model to replicate as a way to unlock capital for its entrepreneurs. Is it Silicon Valley? Israel? Korea? Boulder? Which model has the magic wand that will transform Latin America and the Caribbean and allow it to play with the “big guys”: the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, or Korea?

The digital meteor and the future of jobs, income, and assets: Ninjas, Ojihas, and Modilals

By César Buenadicha

65 million years ago, a dinosaur was eating peacefully—as many generations of dinosaurs had done before—when it noticed a ball of fire in the sky moving toward the Earth. The dinosaur was a bit worried, but as a member of the most successful and longest lasting species of animals back in those times, it didn't think the meteor was a threat to its existence. Meanwhile, a small rat-like animal, one of the first mammals on Earth, ran close to the dinosaur, eating some of its leftovers.

Derisking Threatens Caribbean Banking Sector and Trade

By Guest

By Allan Wright

Allan Wright, country economist for The Bahamas at the Inter-American Development Bank, discusses the impact of derisking strategies on the Caribbean:

By walking together youth can go farther

By Francisco Larra Bujalance

It was in the month of August, exactly 20 years ago, when I started the task to provide vocational counseling to more than 75 senior high school students from a public school in a marginalized neighborhood from Guatemala City. It was my first professional experience as a vocational counselor. While I was trying to provide them with professional profiles information and career paths that may be useful for them, I knew that very few would achieve enrollment in a public university in the next few months: the majority of them wouldn’t graduate and, in general, they would have to face directly the labor market without enough skills and low salaries.

Progresa Capital: Pioneering Venture Capital in Colombia

By Yuri Soares

Founded in 2009 by Promotora, the investment banking affiliate of the Colombian conglomerate Grupo Sura, Progresa Capital was the first full-fledged Colombian venture capital fund managed by a local team.