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Innovation districts, uniendo la transformación urbana y económica para una ciudad inclusiva

By Natalia Laguyas

Alrededor del mundo las ciudades están “re-creando” algunas de sus áreas urbanas; reposicionando áreas subutilizadas de sus comunidades a través de la inversión en infraestructura, la atracción de ciertas empresas e instituciones, el desarrollo de la fuerza laboral y conectando a las empresas de menor tamaño con mercados y capital. Antiguas zonas industriales y otras que antes eran parques industriales están siendo “re-hechas”, generándose así estos innovation districts, que responden a la preferencia de trabajadores y empresas por ambientes más urbanos y vibrantes que les permitan desarrollar sus redes profesionales y empresariales, respectivamente. 

A milestone on the road toward the MIF’s future

By Brigit Helms

This is somewhat “insider” news, but it’s so exciting I wanted to be sure to share it right away. As you may know, the MIF is funded by 39 donors—26 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 13 from other parts of the world–who entrust us with their money to carry out innovative projects in the region. 

MIF in a Sandpit

By David Bloomgarden

When you’re working in a “Sandpit” at the MIF, you won’t find a sandbox meant for kids. Instead, when we refer to a  Sandpit, we are talking about an intensive, interactive and interdisciplinary workshop designed to generate radically innovative solutions to specific challenges.

Can cities benefit from last-mile energy innovations in rural areas?

By Carlos Guiza

By Carlos Guiza and Xosé Ramil

20 million people do not yet have access to electricity in Latin America. Around 90 million people are still dependent on solid fuels—mainly biomass and kerosene—to cover basic needs such as heating and cooking, which limits their access to lighting and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Latin American Migrants in Spain: Fintech innovations are not enough

By Fermín Vivanco

When we think of innovations in financial services in 2016, we mostly think of fintech. Many new innovations in financial services come in the form of new apps for our smartphones, which make it easier to carry out financial activities such as splitting the cost of a gift or sending money to a friend.