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FAQ – Social Impact Bonds in Latin America and new MIF pilot program

By Zachary Levey

This month, the Multilateral Investment Fund became the first development finance institution (DFI) to launch a program for Social Impact Bonds (SIBs). With this program, we hope to put countries in Latin America and the Caribbean on the map among an elite group of countries that are testing this innovative social sector finance instrument.

Más allá de la cobertura: la oportunidad para los operadores móviles de mejorar el acceso a la energía en América Latina

By Zachary Levey

Por Mary Roach de Mobile Enabled Community Services de la GSMA y Zachary Levey del FOMIN

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A lo largo y ancho de América Latina y el Caribe, millones de personas viven en la pobreza, sin acceso a la iluminación, instalaciones de cocina limpias o conexión a la red de electricidad. Llegar a estos usuarios requiere una nueva mirada a un viejo problema al igual que asociaciones con jugadores no convencionales para promover la innovación social en el sector de la energía.

Social Impact Bonds: Toward a new way of financing impact

By Zachary Levey

This blog forms part of a series discussing some of the key issues on the agenda at XVI Foromic taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico from September 30 to October 2.

Variations on the word “results” have become omnipresent in the development vernacular. Phrases such as results-based management, results-based financing, results framework, results measurement, and disbursement by results abound. And this is for good reason. Vast sums of taxpayer and philanthropic dollars are spent each year to pay for services to support poor and vulnerable populations in developing and developed countries alike. But key challenges remain for advancing a results-driven development sector that is linked to the way in which these services are purchased.