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How to effectively launch youth into the workforce minimal cost, maximum employment

By Mariel Sabra

Imagine if just about every single person in New York City were on the job hunt…at the same time!

That’s the case for youth in Latin America and the Caribbean: according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 7.8 million of the region’s young people are looking for work. Youth unemployment for these youth ages 15-24 averages 13.4%, double the 6.3% general unemployment rate. This figure is particularly high for young women, at 17.2% versus 11.3% for young men. 

Introducing the PPPAmericas Blog Series

By Dennis Blumenfeld

June 20th through 22nd the MIF will kick off the seventh edition of its PPPAmericas conference.

In 2009, I joined MIF to organize the second ever PPPAmericas; at the time, a small, invitation only event. Since, PPPAmericas has grown into the largest knowledge event on public-private partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference is a hub for exchanging knowledge on the latest trends in developing public-private partnerships and for identifying strategic partners and business opportunities.

In “the land of lakes and volcanoes," many lack access to safe drinking water

By Svante Persson

When you first see Bilwi from the air before landing on its tiny grass airstrip, your first thought is that you will be landing in the middle of a vast swamp. There are very few buildings, scattered cattle, and almost no people. It definitely doesn’t look like an urban area. But Bilwi is the capital of Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Autonomous region on the Caribbean Coast (RAACN). The 60,000-strong population of the RAACN is predominantly indigenous and Afro-descendant, and despite its constitutional autonomy, the RAACN is extremely isolated, both geographically and politically, and up to 75% of its population lives in poverty or extreme poverty. 

Mexico Financial Diaries shatters three misconceptions you may have had about migrant remittances

By Rebecca Rouse

By: Caitlin Sanford and Rebecca Rouse 

Mexican families incorporated more than $24.8 billion in international remittances into their household financial portfolios last year. But how much do we know about the way that this money is spent, saved, and invested over time? The Remittances and Savings Program of the Multilateral Investment Fund partnered with Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA) to examine the cash flows of 16 households in the Mexico Financial Diaries that received international remittances. The findings of this study, available for download here, help dispel three common misconceptions that many may have about migrant remittances:

¿Cómo podemos promover la innovación en América Latina y el Caribe?

By Guest

Por Juan Carlos Navarro,  Líder Técnico Principal de Ciencia y Tecnología en la División de Competitividad e Innovación del BID

En el prólogo de la publicación más reciente de la División de Innovación y Competitividad del BID, The New Imperative of Innovation, Josh Lerner y Andrew Speen dicen que “Fomentar la innovación es una tarea desalentadora”. Es difícil estar en desacuerdo. La complejidad propia de los sistemas de innovación obliga a actuar sobre un buen número de elementos de forma simultánea – como la investigación, gestión de tecnología, legislación sobre derechos de propiedad intelectual, cultura empresarial, instrumentos financieros, y todavía muchos más – , lo que solo difícilmente consigue cristalizar en buenos resultados en contados casos.