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The NEO challenge: look outward to make an impact on youth employment

By Elena Heredero Rodriguez

By Elena Heredero Rodriguez and Claudio Cortellese

The focus of the initiative New Employment Opportunities for Youth (NEO) is simple: to help 1 million young people in Latin America and the Caribbean prepare for the job market and find a first good job. The initiative sets out to achieve this by creating multi-sector partnerships with stakeholders in education, job training, and businesses. The theory is that together, they will address problems of youth unemployment, young people’s lack of work skills, and employers’ need for skilled workers. The goal is simple but the strategy to achieve it is not; the problem is complex, and difficult to address from a single perspective. It requires a systemic approach.

El “Provi” creando oportunidades para jóvenes vulnerables

By Ana Castillo Leska

Hace unos días, Juan de 13 años y tres compañeros más nos recibían en su Liceo  “Papa Francisco” (o el "Provi" como ellos le dicen) ubicado en el barrio de Casabo en Cerro Oeste, una de las zonas más vulnerables de la ciudad de Montevideo, donde sólo dos de cada diez jóvenes termina la educación secundaria. 

Let the games begin: Pitch competition featured at Caribbean Microfinance Forum

By Guest

Facilitators Lisa Harding of the Caribbean Development Bank and Yvonne Chin Irving, a media consultant, counting ballots to determine the winning youth track project proposal.

By Wayne Beecher and Trang Ho

Over 132 participants and 32 presenters were in for a special treat at the Fifth Caribbean Microfinance Forum (#CaribForumV) in Montego Bay, Jamaica, last June 2-5, 2014. 

Social Impact Bonds: Alternative financing mechanisms for education

By David Bloomgarden


I had the pleasure of presenting at the “The Global Education & Skills Forum 2014,” held in Dubai March 15-17.  The Forum invites heads of government to meet with business leaders with a view toward strengthening ties and further engaging the private sector in the field of education.  The developing world has over one billion 15 to 24 year-olds who are faced with limited access to quality education, depriving businesses of talent that drives economic growth and reduces poverty. In Latin America and the Caribbean, despite substantial growth in education spending over the last decade, educational outcomes in the region lag behind other regions over the world – from years of school to quality of schooling.  The key message that came out of the Forum for me is that governments, civil society and private sector need to forge effective and integrated partnerships to make the best use of new technologies to provide access to quality education to children around the world.

Emprendimiento de jóvenes: Una ventana al mundo

By Maritza Vela

In English

Al describir su opinión sobre el Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit de Youth Business International (YBI) realizado en la ciudad de Londres la semana pasada, los participantes utilizaron las siguientes palabras: uplifting, inspirational, reenergizing, a privilege, a global network of equals, building skills, an opportunity to reconnect. Para mí fue como abrir una ventana al mundo y a “true humbling experience”.