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2016 at the MIF

By Brigit Helms

2016 has been an eventful, productive, transformative year at the MIF. Here are just a few of our highlights. We all hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to working with you in 2017!

Los retos y el potencial de los jóvenes migrantes rurales: la historia de Antonio

By Fernanda Padrón

Antonio tiene 25 años y es originario del municipio de Chuma, una comunidad Aymara cerca del Lago Titicaca en el altiplano boliviano. Vive en la ciudad de El Alto desde los 22 años y actualmente trabaja como encargado de un taller mediano de mecánica industrial. Su camino está marcado por los desafíos compartidos por muchos jóvenes de pueblos originarios que migran del altiplano a la ciudad de El Alto. Antonio nos comparte su historia para destacar, a través de su propio ejemplo, los retos y el potencial de estos jóvenes y señalar la importancia de generar acciones (públicas y privadas) que aborden la diversidad para así avanzar la inclusión en ciudades receptoras de migración.

What would you do with $2.2 trillion dollars?

By Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen

By Elizabeth  Boggs Davidsen and Charmain Love

The groundswell of businesses that want to be more purposeful and work alongside government and civil society organizations means that we should dream bigger about how to solve some of the biggest challenges the world faces today. And maybe money isn’t an excuse anymore, given a report by the New York Times (in the United States) and research by Grant Thornton (in the United Kingdom), showing that the balance sheets of companies in these two countries alone have $2.2 trillion in cash waiting to be used. 

Latin American and Caribbean migrants in Chile – better off in the neighborhood?

By Lukas Keller

To most people, Jean Beausejour is known for playing on the Chilean national football team, where his latest successes include winning this year’s Copa America. A lesser-known fact about this son of a Port-au-Prince-born father and a Mapuche mother is that that he is arguably the most famous representative of one of the fastest-growing immigrant communities in the country: the Haitian-Chileans.

Virtual Reality: Making the cool factor worthwhile

By Betsy Murray

What does it take to land a job and be successful in a knowledge-intensive company?  What about for a kid from a disadvantaged neighborhood and a broken home who got through technical high school on a scholarship?    If you can’t back up to early childhood development stimulation, what can you do at the later stages of adolescence to give these individuals a fighting chance to be a better version of themselves?