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Getting Smart at the Sandpit

By Brigit Helms

By Brigit Helms and Maggie Dugan

The large Mexican city of Guadalajara is a thriving commercial center and home to 1.5 million people. But nearly 24,000 homes in Guadalajara have only a dirt floor and lack access to indoor plumbing and sanitation services. To tackle the challenge of people living without access to basic services in a large metropolitan area, 25 experts from different professions assembled a few months ago for a 5-day immersive workshop called a “Sandpit,” held in the community center in Guadalajara’s neighborhood of Zapopan.

The Social Impact Incentives instrument boosts social entrepreneurs’ profitability once the impact performance is achieved: simple, flexible and entrepreneurial

By Laura Fernandez

In 2016 the Social Entrepreneurship Program, managed by the MIF, has approved the first two projects of the LAC-IMPACT facility, in collaboration with the Swiss Development Cooperation. This facility aims to innovate by financing Social Impact Incentives (SIINC). The SIINC consists of a Results-Based Financing mechanism, where the outcome impact payor agrees to make premium payments to the social enterprise based on the social contribution generated by its operations

El desafío de una agricultura climáticamente inteligente en el Chaco Paraguayo

By Ana Castillo Leska

La primera vez que escuché hablar del Chaco Paraguayo fue en mi clase de historia de quinto año. Ahí aprendí sobre la absurda Guerra de la Triple Alianza, donde una coalición formada por Argentina, Brasil y Uruguay luchó militarmente contra el Paraguay en 1864.  Esta guerra no sólo trajo pérdidas económicas y de territorio para Paraguay, que tuvo que ceder parte del Chaco a Argentina, sino que además el país quedó demográficamente devastado.  Hoy cuando escucho hablar del Chaco se me representa  una zona con potencial productivo y múltiples desafíos por delante.   

A new impact investing fund taking care of our natural resources for future generations!

By Martha Lucía Muñoz

This month, the MIF Donors Committee approved an investment of an investment of US$5 MM to Ecoenterprise Biodiversity Fund. Through this project, the MIF intends to support the Nagoya Protocol, a key element to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. The intended result of the project is to provide growth financing to up to 18 sustainable and biodiversity-focused companies by helping them to grow, consolidate their business, and scale their operations and impact results. 

MIF Impact Investing Funds making an Impact


Two MIF-supported impact investment funds made it onto the 2016 Best for the World Funds short list, which showcases 50 Global Impact Investment Rating funds world-wide-- a “gold standard” for funds that measure their companies’ social and environmental impact with the same rigor as their financial performance.