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Social Impact Bonds gain momentum at the Latin American Impact Investment Forum

By Zachary Levey

Social impact bonds are moving south to Latin America. The innovative financing mechanism, which was first developed in the United Kingdom, allows impact investors – not governments or aid agencies – to provide the working capital to social enterprises serving poor and vulnerable populations. The investors get repaid if social outcomes verifiably improve, as defined through a high-powered results-based contract with the government. Recently, the MIF organized a series of workshops, roundtables, and panels on social impact bonds at the 5th annual Latin American Impact Investment Forum (FLII) in Merida, Mexico where we posed the question: “What will it take?” to bring social impact bonds to Latin America.

A new and sustainable path for Caribbean agriculture

By Anabella Palacios

Historically, the Caribbean islands were known for producing and exporting very valuable commodities like bananas, sugar, rice, coffee, and cocoa. But over the past two decades, agriculture in that part of our region has been in a state of decline. With limits on available land, relatively high costs of living, environmental issues, and other challenges, it’s difficult for Caribbean farmers to compete with larger producers on the North and South American continents. The way forward will have to focus on specialization and sustainability.

Getting on the grid

By Rebecca Rouse

Sitting down for dinner last night with a group of colleagues, I took out my cell phone and placed it on the table next to my plate.  It was practically an unconscious reflex (let’s ignore for a moment my gross mealtime etiquette violation here), and it took me a second to realize I had done it. “Why did I just take my phone out,” I finally said. “I don’t get any cell service or Wi-Fi signal here.”

El futuro de los microseguros ¿alianzas público-privadas?

By Shoshana Grossman-Crist

Durante los últimos meses he reflexionado sobre una idea que formulé durante mi participación en la 10ª Conferencia Internacional de Microseguros en la Ciudad de México en noviembre y el Viaje de Estudio en Microseguros Agrícolas paralelo: es necesario tomar una perspectiva más integral del manejo de riesgos en el tema de microseguros. Se está viendo cada vez más que los microseguros no pueden tener el impacto que queremos si existen como productos y servicios aislados. Si tuviera que apostar, diría que en América Latina y el Caribe estamos entrando a la época de las alianzas público-privadas en el tema de microseguros. Acoger estas las alianzas es imperativo para su éxito a largo plazo.

Microseguros en Latinoamérica ¿Dónde estamos y hacia dónde vamos?

By Sarah Ebrahimi

El Microinsurance Centre publicó recientemente una nota descriptiva con observaciones y resultados preliminares de su reporte bianual “el Panorama de Microseguros en América Latina y el Caribe.” El reporte final está aún en etapa de producción pero los resultados preliminares nos permiten formular dos preguntas clave: ¿Dónde estamos y hacia dónde vamos en el tema de microseguros en América Latina?