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Financial inclusion in Paraguay: New mobile money regulation

By Guest


The MIF supports inclusive mobile financial services via the mobile operators Tigo and Personal. In the context of these two projects we are sharing here the blog by our partner Mireya Almazan at GSMA about the developments in mobile money regulation in sobre Paraguay. 

The opportunity to increase financial access in Paraguay is massive. Paraguay has one of the lowest rates of banking penetration in Latin America: only 22% of adults in Paraguay have an account at a formal financial institution, on par with banking penetration rates in Haiti and Guatemala. Fortunately, policymakers and regulators in Paraguay are committed to the dual goals of financial stability and inclusion, and are taking important steps to realize the opportunity.

Let the games begin: Pitch competition featured at Caribbean Microfinance Forum

By Guest

Facilitators Lisa Harding of the Caribbean Development Bank and Yvonne Chin Irving, a media consultant, counting ballots to determine the winning youth track project proposal.

By Wayne Beecher and Trang Ho

Over 132 participants and 32 presenters were in for a special treat at the Fifth Caribbean Microfinance Forum (#CaribForumV) in Montego Bay, Jamaica, last June 2-5, 2014. 

#4ST Prodem: Centroamérica apuesta por un ecosistema emprendedor más dinámico

By Guest

Marta Cruz, gestora de la aceleradora NXTPLabs en la que el FOMIN invirtió USD5 millones en 2014.

Invitada por Hugo Kantis del  Programa de Desarrollo Emprendedor PRODEM, y el FOMIN, tuve el gran privilegio de ser testigo del impacto positivo que el 4ST de PRODEM tuvo en los aspirantes y los actores ya establecidos del ecosistema emprendedor en Centroamérica.

El aporte de la asociatividad: lo qué aprendimos del proyecto I-Sur

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Una gestión flexible y pro-activa en ampliar conexiones con  recursos de conocimiento es necesario para un proyecto complejo como el de I-Sur, una propuesta de desarrollo sostenible en la carretera IIRSA Sur. Así toca destacar solo una de las varias lecciones, que ha sido un aprendizaje compartido entre el organismo ejecutor, la Asociación Odebrecht, y el FOMIN, y que evidencia el rol del FOMIN en conectar recursos de conocimiento. 

Learning and sharing lessons from our microfinance projects

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The MIF has worked on hundreds of microfinance projects over our two decades, and we continue to do so. In the 1990s, when we were just getting started, microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean was much less developed than it is today. In 1998, we established a “line of activity” that focused on establishing best practices for microfinance in the region. Now, microfinance is much more sophisticated and its needs are more complicated. We launched a second “line of activity” of smaller-scale microfinance projects in 2003, which targeted a broader range of partners than its predecessor did—not only traditional microfinance institutions (MFIs), but also banks seeking to reach smaller-scale clients, cooperatives, networks, and other kinds of organizations in the microfinance sphere needing institutional strengthening.