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New Frontiers and Sectors for PPPs: The Case of Education

By David Bloomgarden

The terms “PPPs” (public-private partnerships) and “concessions” are no longer confined to transport, energy or other basic infrastructure projects. These models can also be applied to new sectors, such as the cultural or the health sector, education, or used for emerging issues public sector installations are facing such as energy efficiency. This message was clear from discussions at the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)’s 2013 PPPAmericas conference, which took place last month in Cartagena, Colombia. (Please visit to access video archives of the conference sessions, and much more information about the event.)  In this post, I would like to focus on the case of education, an area that is of special importance for the development of the region.

Tourism in Haiti? Yes, tourism in Haiti! (Part I)

By Nara Meli

There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about Haiti as a tourist destination – such as here and here. The push for this is coming mainly from the country, where the Martelly administration is embarking on a mission to raise the profile and branding of the country, and reinstate it as a unique destination in the region. More on this here. After all, Haiti used to be known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean.”

I was curious to learn more about the historical trends for tourism in Haiti, so I did a bit of research. 

Políticas Efectivas para Banca Móvil en América Latina

By Fermín Vivanco

Por Fermín Vivanco, Maria Luísa Hayem, Ana María Torres

Esta conferencia fue organizada por el Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público de Colombia, la Alianza para la Inclusión Financiera (AFI) con el apoyo del Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones (FOMIN) el pasado 22 y 23 de febrero en la ciudad de Cartagena, Colombia. Autoridades regulatorias y de supervisión de la región, así como instituciones financieras,  entidades de telefonía móvil y otros actores relevantes en el desarrollo de políticas de inclusión financiera del más alto nivel sentaron las bases para avanzar hacia un ecosistema de servicios financieros móviles inclusivos en la región.

English version

Building better buildings in Port-au-Prince

By Ryan Tang

Steel rebar protruded up from the tops of walls and homes we passed during our drive through Port-au-Prince, repeatedly giving me the impression that the builder had stopped short, unable to decide if they should more. It was my first time visiting Haiti two weeks ago and within the first 30 minutes traversing the city, the prevalence of concrete construction, of varying quality, quickly became apparent to me. A few days later we visited the plant of KayTek, a company that is challenging concrete as the norm in building by introducing Light Gauge Steel (LGS) to the market. Adam King, Executive Director, stated that LGS buildings can be constructed significantly faster and with better quality—including earthquake and hurricane resistance—for a comparable price.


Snapshots of climate change from small businesses in Colombia

By Jennifer Baldwin

Together with the Environment and Clean Energy team at the MIF I was in Bogota, Colombia last week to learn about climate change adaptation for small businesses. The workshop shared the latest climate change science, theory, and philosophical issues. But what really brought the topic down to earth were several interviews with local small businesses in multiple different sectors already being affected by climate change.