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Innovative weather index insurance help small growers in Paraguay mitigate climate risk

By Guest

Map of Paraguay showing estimated values of the index on January 28, 2018. Areas with green colors indicate wetter soils while yellow to red colors indicate regions where crops are subjected to some degree of water stress.

What’s your network effect?

By Guest

By Cesar Buenadicha, Galia Nurko and Miguel Aldaz*

Businesses are one of the key pieces that build a society’s ecosystem and, as such, are increasingly being called to take on more purpose-driven projects that address society’s most pressing problems.

Innovation Ecosystems in Latin America

By Guest

For decades, Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries tried to replicate the Silicon Valley model of innovation and early stage financing. As Susana García-Robles from the MIF stated "this Silicon Valley-obsession led to LAC being called “the Copycat Region”. Investors were wondering if innovation could come from countries like  Brazil or Jamaica.

Is Latin America and the Caribbean ready for the digital era?

By Guest

The Digital Revolution, sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution , has been ushered in by new digital technologies that are transforming the personal, business, and government spheres, and how these three interact.

De la economía a las ciudades colaborativas: el impacto de la co-creación en el desarrollo urbano

By Guest

La Economía Colaborativa (EC) constituye un fenómeno innovador de alcance global y transversal que está generando importantes cambios estructurales en el funcionamiento de los mercados. Se trata de una nueva modalidad de producción e intercambio de bienes y servicios basada en la interacción entre pares a través de plataformas digitales que intermedian la relación entre los proveedores y los usuarios.