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Snapshots of climate change from small businesses in Colombia

By Jennifer Baldwin

Together with the Environment and Clean Energy team at the MIF I was in Bogota, Colombia last week to learn about climate change adaptation for small businesses. The workshop shared the latest climate change science, theory, and philosophical issues. But what really brought the topic down to earth were several interviews with local small businesses in multiple different sectors already being affected by climate change.

Can small businesses help conserve biodiversity?

By Jennifer Baldwin

By Jennifer Baldwin

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a biodiversity “superpower” according to a recent report from the United Nations. From tropical rainforests to coral reefs, to high-altitude plains to vast savannas, this region contains a variety of unique ecosystems that support a stunning diversity of flora and fauna. Many small producers and businesses in the region are dependent upon this endowment of natural capital for their livelihoods. But growing natural resource consumption and infrastructure expansion threatens these ecosystems and their inhabitants.