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Measure What You Value, Don’t Just Value What You Can Measure

By David Bloomgarden

At the 3rd annual 2017 Winter Innovation Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, from January 25–27, I had the opportunity to interact with many of the leading thinkers, policymakers, funders, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and academics from around the globe. Key themes included social impact investment, the role of data and evidence, communications, public-private partnerships, impact measurement, and research-based best practices in social services. 

MIF in a Sandpit

By David Bloomgarden

When you’re working in a “Sandpit” at the MIF, you won’t find a sandbox meant for kids. Instead, when we refer to a  Sandpit, we are talking about an intensive, interactive and interdisciplinary workshop designed to generate radically innovative solutions to specific challenges.

Looking for a better quality of life for 100 million in the next decade

By David Bloomgarden

One of the MIF new focus areas is grouped under the concept of “Inclusive Cities”. David Bloomgarden, head of this new unit explains that “this is a program to support innovation in the private sector in cities across Latin America and the Caribbean.  The program focuses on urban services and climate change adaptation and mitigation through the private sector, particularly SMEs and social enterprises.  Our principal beneficiaries are vulnerable and low-income populations.  Our overall goal is for 100 million more people to have a better quality of urban life over the next decade.”

Open data + increased disclosure = better public-private partnerships

By David Bloomgarden

The benefits of open and participatory public procurement are increasingly being recognized by international bodies such as the Group of 20 major economies, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and multilateral development banks. Value for money, more competition, and better goods and services for citizens all result from increased disclosure of contract data. Greater openness is also an effective tool to fight fraud and corruption.

PPP knowledge products reach scale through the MDBs

By David Bloomgarden

How can development institutions ensure knowledge products are scaled and effective in reaching multiple stakeholders?One way is collaboration among all the major MDBs as well as engaging the private sector in development and design and dissemination of products.  The MIF as an innovation fund creates products and business models that can be scaled by larger actors if proved successful.