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The development mutants are coming … and we care

By Marcelo Cabrol

Mutants are organisms that mutate due to a change in their composition or structure. In the development industry, we are starting to recognize mutants that slowly, but inexorably, are beginning to compete in the space historically reserved for international financial institutions. How can we understand these changes? And how can we use these mutants to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean?

Where is the for Latin America and the Caribbean?

By Marcelo Cabrol

Coding is basic literacy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is an integral part of the digital age, which in turn has ushered in that revolution. As popularized over the past year or so by the World Economic Forum and others, this revolution is based on the arrival of new, emerging technologies that are intersecting at exponential rates of speed and scale, dramatically increasing productivity and economic growth, and creating better jobs and entirely new industries. Code powers this digital world. Every website, smartphone app, computer program, calculator and even microwave oven relies on code to operate. This makes coders the architects and builders of the digital age. 

Travel in the educational cloud: Navigating Latin America’s learning portals

By Marcelo Cabrol

The trip can begin any time you like. All you need is a one-way ticket: fast Internet access. Now an itinerary: the route to learning something. Anything. Many things at once. Continuous, self-paced learning is now universally available throughout Latin America, at virtually no cost.

Who’s disrupting whom? An opportunity for startups and government

By Marcelo Cabrol

Everyone is talking about the fourth industrial revolution: a change fueled by a digital era in which technology is transforming humankind as we know it, creating new industries, and dramatically increasing and improving productivity and economic growth.