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Redefining property: The sharing economy

By Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros

The world’s largest taxi company, Uber, doesn’t own a car; the fifth largest lodging company, Airbnb, doesn’t own a room; the biggest social network, Facebook, doesn’t produce content. 

These platforms allow a massive sharing of resources. Today’s combination of disruptive information technologies and globalization has achieved the death of distance. Any individual or company now has full access to information and global markets in real time. This has unleashed the power of people to share ideas, financing, and goods and service in a way that has changed forever how we communicate, interact, and exchange ideas and resources. 

Bringing more remittance clients into the financial fold

By Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros

Two pioneering remittances projects from Mexico were honored last month at the Global Forum on Remittances and Development in Milan, Italy. The Mexican Association of Credit Unions in the Social Sector (AMUCSS) and the Center for Monetary Studies of Latin America (CEMLA) received recognition for their work to expand the access of rural Mexicans to remittance payments, and to provide technical assistance to governments to increase the safety and efficiency of remittance markets, respectively.

New Trends blog to spur dialogue about pioneering development ideas

By Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros

The challenge of international development requires a medley of ideas. At the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, we work in array of topics that are at the forefront of efforts to spur the economic development of the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean: microfinance, women’s entrepreneurship, financing for “green” products, and social impact bonds, among others. To harness the power of our experts’ knowledge, we are launching a new blog, Trends.