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First Steps in the Transformation of Chacarita Alta

By Ignacio Fernandez Admetlla

Right in the center of ​​Asuncion, Paraguay is the neighborhood of Chacarita Alta, an informal settlement formed more than 60 years ago as a result of migration to the city that occupied the northern flood zones of the Bay of Asuncion. Chacarita Alta is in a privileged location, located in the historical center of Asuncion, within walking distance of landmarks such as the Parliament, the Government Palace, the Cathedral, and the Asuncion Waterfront; additionally, it is not at risk of flooding. However, today Chacarita Alta is a neighborhood made up of dead-end streets and a complex web of passageways that impede both communication with the rest of the city and the socioeconomic development of the neighborhood.

The Rise of Social Enterprise Accelerators

By Ignacio Fernandez Admetlla

By Amparo de San José and Ignacio Fernández Admetla 

The drive some have to solve a social or environmental problem while creating their own personal project is the seed of all social entrepreneurship. However, in order to channel entrepreneurial spirit and aspirations, and foster a culture that facilitates and promotes them, there are different actors playing instrumental roles: public agencies, universities, incubators, financing intermediaries for entrepreneurs and, more recently, accelerators.

El valor del reciclador: un programa de Ciudad Saludable

By Ignacio Fernandez Admetlla


Por Ignacio Fernández y Xoan Fernández. 

Gran parte de los recicladores en nuestra región todavía vive con menos de 1,25$US al día. Al mismo tiempo, gracias a ellos, se recolecta entre el 50% y el 90% de los materiales reciclables utilizados en la industria. Sin embargo, a pesar de cumplir con esta función tan clave en nuestras sociedades, recolectando residuos reciclables de manera informal, procedentes en su gran mayoría de botaderos, rellenos sanitarios y vías públicas, estos recicladores siguen marginalizados en nuestra sociedad. 

Light at Home: Access to sustainable energy in Peru

By Ignacio Fernandez Admetlla

Peru’s Department of Cajamarca, with a population of approximately 1.5 million people, is located in the northernmost region of the country’s Andes Mountains. Cajamarca is one of the poorest areas of the country with an extreme poverty rate as high as 21.3% and an overall poverty rate of 52.5%, more than double the national average which is estimated at 25.8%. Insufficient, or non-existent, access to basic services such as water and sanitation, basic healthcare and energy is common for most low-income families in the region.