The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) supports economic growth and poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean through encouraging increased private investment and advancing private sector development. It works with the private sector to develop, finance, and execute innovative business models that benefit entrepreneurs and poor and low-income households; partners with a wide variety of institutions from the private, public and nonprofit sectors; evaluates results; and shares lessons learned. 

The MIF is a laboratory for testing pioneering, market-based approaches to development, and an agent of change that seeks to broaden the reach and deepen the impact of its most successful interventions.

 Poverty Reduction through Access
Versatile Tools
On the Ground and in Partnership
Results & Impact
Sharing Knowledge  
 An Agent of Systemic Change  
 Next Generation Projects  


The MIF, funded by 39 donors, supports private sector-led development benefitting the poor and low-income households - their businesses, their farms, and their households. The aim is to give low-income populations the tools to boost their incomes: access to markets and the skills to compete in those markets, access to finance, and access to basic services, including green technology.

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